Questions I Really Answer

1. Do you believe in true love? I do.

2. Does your life have meaning? It does ever since my son was born. 

3. What would you want your final words to be?Wow this is pretty deep…. Ummm I’m not sure.

4. What impression do you think you give when you first meet someone?Either 1 or 2 things… Either “she’s a bitch.” Or “she’s fucking wierd. ” There is no in between.

 5. If you had the chance to know when and how youd die, would you take it?  I’d want to know when, not how because it you know when, you have a timeline to obtain the goals you still have. If you know how, youd turn deathly afraid of whatever it was.

6. Do you believe in heaven and hell?Yes I do. 

7. 5 things that irritate you about the oppsite/same sex. Boys:  A. They don’t always listen to you.B. Most men cheat.C. Being annoying.D. Lying. E. Can hurt you. Girls: A. Gossip too much.B. Back stabbers.C. Bitchy. D. Snobby. E. Liars.

8. Story of your first kiss?Nothing too crazy… Went to the homecoming football game freshman year of high school. One of my best friends at the time heard I never kissed someone before. So he told me to follow him and I did and he took me by surprise when he kissed me. 

9. Something you regret? No regurts. Lol. 

10. What do you find funny that other people dont? A lot of different things probably. People have things that they like and dislike. I like rap. Some people dont. I like you naughty tv shows such as South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, Rick and Morty.

11. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? The ability to orb like from Charmed. 

12. 3 words that best describe you?Loving, strong, caring. 

13. What feature of the opposite sex do you find most attractive? The eyes say everything.

14. How old were you when you had your first kiss?14 Years old

15. If today was the last day of your life, how would you spend it? Honestly, id want to do everything on my bucket list that I haven’t done yet.

16. What advice do you think your 45- year old self would tell you?It gets better. Hold on.

17. What is your definition of cheating?Flirting with someone whose not your significant other. Sleeping with someone or kissing someone that’s not your significant other.

18. When was the last time you felt loved? Earlier when my child gave me a hug and kiss.

19. Greatest accomplishment?Jiraiya Alexander. 😘

20. Something you wish you could spend more time on?Writing. That’s why I’m doing this. To practice writing. 

21. What is your favorite part of being in a relationship?At the end of the day, having them to come home to, or they come home to you, is the absolute best feeling. To know that the love you have for them is reciprocated. 

22. Favorite song lyric? I can’t just pick one.. There’s alot and for different reasons. But the first one that comes to mind is “Drive” by Incubus. That’s me and the hubby’s song. 

23. If money didn’t exist, where would you travel to? Everywhere and anywhere. Paris. Bahamas. Costa Rica, Ireland, amoung other places. 

24. Dream job?Stay at home mom and an author. 

25. Would you rather have the power to time travel or power to see the future?Time travel. I would travel back in time and enjoy more time with my mom instead of fighting her on everything. 

26. If you had one last meal, what would it be? Probably filet min yang with mashed potatoes and biscuits with butter. 

27. Do you believe in ghosts?Yes I do. 

28. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with your time? Depending on the day i may just binge shows lol.

29. What was the best and worst advice you ever received? Best: don’t go looking for love. let it find you. Worst: idk honestly lol. 

30. Something you love about yourself?My eyes. 

31. If you found out that in 1 year you’d die, would you change your lifestyle and why? I would do more in my life. Travel more. Do things i haven’t done yet. Because if i didn’t and just let my life run out its course the way my life is currently going, after I died, I’d be in the after life thinking oh i should’ve done that and that… 

32. Most afraid of?Dying young like my mom…

33. Hardest decision you ever had to make?At the time, when Steve and i broke up, i obviously had to move out. And it broke me. 

34. How do you handle frustration?Ha! I don’t. Eventually I snap if you don’t leave me be. 

35. How do you deal with disappointment?Bitch about it. Cry about it. 

36. What triggers you to make you cry?My mom…

37. Name a time you felt you weren’t good enoughAround the time I was going through post partum and my mom just passed away… 

38. Most greatful for? My son. 

39. Who do you rely on for support/advice.Steve

40. Favorite people and why? Steve- he’s my everything. Jiraiya- he makes life worth living. 

41. Closest friend and why?Chelsea- we have so much history together. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs and always come back with a stronger friendship. Carolyn- shes my ride or die. My other half. My best friend soul mate. Sonja- weve grown closer since having the boys and love to have mommy time while the boys play. We family but also besties. 

42. Anyone in your life that needs to be forgiven?Not that I can recall. 

43. Last person you said “I love you” to?My toddler

44. Biggest turn on?Loyalty

45. Biggest turn off?Cockiness

46. If you had to have a fetish, what would it be?Why is this a question? I’m not answering this. To each their own. I aint judging no one on any type of fetish. 

47. What is something from your childhood that shaped you into the person you are today? My parents divorced. I don’t really remember life with the two of them together, I only really remember going to dads on weekends and summertime. Then eventually mom found Alan, dad found Aliza. I now had more family. 

48. What’s your perception of God? I’d rather not talk religion. 

49. One thing you could change about yourself? The extra body fat I have lol. 

50. What advice would you give your younger self?It will get better. Love your mom. You can’t see it but she does love and care about you. 

51. If you had three wishes, what would they be?One- my mom to be alive again, healthy. Two- want to be rich and debt free. Three- healthy lives for my family and loved ones. 

52. What event would you rather die in than live through? …I don’t want to die so I can’t really answer this.

53. Why do you think people stay in toxic relationships? Because they don’t see it. They’re blinded by love. I’ve been there. 

54. Which parent are you closer to and why?Hahaha. Ohhh you’re serious. Well considering my moms dead… I’m more closer to !my step dad than my actual father but if she was still alive, it would be her.

55. You see your neighbors abusing their kid, what do you do?Anonymously call the cops. If a child is in danger, that child needs to be saved. Parents or not. Its never ok to be abusive. 

56. How do you feel about kissing on the first date? Depends on the mood and person. If its right, you’ll know. 

57. What’s your idea of a perfect person?Someone who loves you for you. Someone who doesn’t judge you. Someone who makes you feel safe. 

58. What feelings do you experience the most?Happiness, sadness, and anger. Lol

59. What annoys you the most about people? When they’re rude. When they’re slow if I’m in a hurry. I literally HATE people who drive slow. 

60. What is a dream you’ve had but never told anyone? Um I honestly don’t know. 

61. What is a deal breaker for you in a relationship?Hands down, cheating. 

62. Would you ever take a cheater back?Lol. I have and its bitten me in the ass each time. 

63. What kind of parent do you think you’ll be?Well, I am a parent so…. And I don’t even know how to answer this question. 

64. Do you stay friends with your exes?No. 

65. Is it possible to live a life without lies?Yes, I believe it is.

66. Is suffering a normal part of life? To an extent, yes. Sometimes you have to go through He’ll, to get go Heaven. 

67. How do you think the human species will go extinct?Probably by the air flow. Toxins and what not…

68. Biggest obstacle you had to overcome? How’d you overcome it?The death of my mom.. And I haven’t. You can’t overcome a loss like that. I just deal day to day. Most days are good, some are bad. Grief is different for everyone though. 

69. Do you have fear of commitment?Yes, totally. Lol. Kidding. I wouldn’t say I fear it since i am in fact married.

70. What do you parents do that ruins the kids lives at a young age?Bad break up. Or if they’re junkies. 

71. What keeps you up at night?Depends on the day really. 

72. Most traumatizing experience of your life?Probably seeing my dead mom. I needed to see her to say goodbye. But still, I will always remember that face… 

73. Do you believe in “if its real, set it free. If it comes back, its meant to be”?I do believe that. Literally every relationship I’ve had, we broke up, were friends with benefits, they’d give me hope for us to get back together, and itd never happen. Until I met Steve. 

30 Day Music Challenge 🎶

Day 31: A song that comforts your soul.

Gloriana’s “Wild At Heart.” I was a teen when this song came out and it reminds me of growing up.

On a side note, this is finally the end of this 30 day music challenge. Took me a little longer than 30 days to do this as life is happening all around me every day.

30 Day Music Challenge 🎶

Day 30: A song that reminds you of yourself.

So, the way I look at this, it’s gotta be “Good As Hell” by Lizzo cuz it makes me feel like a badass bitch! Lol

30 Day Music Challenge 🎶

Day 29: A song from your childhood.

Theres oh so many but the first one that popped in my head was “Why Should I Worry?” from the movie Oliver and Company. Always loved that movie and that song.

30 Day Music Challenge 🎶

Day 28: A song by an artist whose voice you love.

I love me some Tyler Carter. His side project of just him, instead of Issues, is simply amazing. He just dropped an acoustic version of his debut album Moonshine. Amazingggg!!! So i pick “Moonshine” by Tyler Carter.

30 Day Music Challenge 🎶

Day 27: A song that breaks your heart.

There’s a lot actually but the first one to come to mind was Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart.” Helped me through my teenage years.

30 Day Music Challenge 🎶

Day 26: A song that makes you want to fall in love.

Easily, Selena’s “I Could Fall.” Thats the first song that came to mind. Everytime I listen to it, I feel all warm inside. That if I was single, I could definitely have the confidence. That I could someday love someone and they truly loved me back. Don’t get me wrong, my hubby is great. He’s a fantastic dad. An amazing partner. Just if I wasn’t already happily taken, I could fall in love with someone. I may not feel like I want to at first. But eventually, I would move on with my life.

30 Day Music Challenge 🎶

Day 25: A song you like by an artist that’s no longer alive.

Easily Prince’s “Purple Rain.” Mom loved Prince and got me into him. Now when I hear any Prince song, I think of her.

30 Day Music Challenge 🎶

Day 24: A song by a band you wish were still together.

Easily My Chemical Romance. Yeah they got back together last year but since COVID happened, they’re not touring or putting out any music at all that’s new. So my choice is “Helena” by MCR.

30 Day Music Challenge 🎶

Day 23: A song you think everyone should listen to.

“Happy” by Pharell Williams because its an upbeat happy go lucky type of song.